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Crafty 25.0.1 is the current stable release.  This release contains only a minor bug fix to Crafty 25.0 wich comes with a jump in playing strength, and much more efficient use of multi-threading.

Crafty is a free, open-source computer chess program developed by Dr. Robert M. Hyatt.  Crafty is constantly being improved by a small team of contributors, including Dr. Hyatt.  To learn more about Crafty, visit Dr. Hyatt's home page.

Crafty 25.0.1 source files can be downloaded here or on Dr. Hyatt's download page.

Crafty can be compiled and executed from a terminal window on a Macintosh, Windows or Linux computer.  Crafty can also be run with a GUI interface such as Winboard (Windows) or Xboard (Linux).

The Crafty Chess Interface by Valters Baumanis can be downloaded here.

Crafty can be configured for a stronger game by setting some optional parameters (examples below).  These parameters can be put into the crafty.rc file, or used as start-up parameters from the terminal.  A more thorough explanations of Crafty's parameters can be found here.

ponder on (Allows Crafty to think on your time)
hash=256m (Increases Crafty's position hash to 256MB)
hashp=64m (Increases Crafty's pawn hash to 64MB)
egtb (Tells Crafty to use Nalimov Endgame Tables (up to 6-Men))
cache=32m (Increases Crafty's Endgame Table Cache to 32MB)
swindle on (Allows Crafty to try to win drawn games (according to Endgame Tables))
mt=4 (Increases Crafty's MaxThreads to 4 for a quad core computer)

This is a personal page managed by Mr. Tracy Riegle, Annville Pennsylvania, USA.

I can be contacted via e-mail at CraftyChessPage@gmail.com.  The subject line MUST contain the word 'Crafty' or my spam filter will trash it.  Please allow a day or three for a response.

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